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Do you need help with... 
Recall, leash manners, reactivity, aggression, body handling issues, potty training, or other common household issues?

Yup, let's chat. 

Schedule a free 15 minute call or email 

Sliding scale fees are available for all services on a case by case basis. Accessibility matters. 

Family Dog Mediation Consultation: $110

 In-home or through zoom, we'll review your canine's daily routine, training history, goals and general concerns. Family Dog Mediation is uses lens of genetics, environment, and learning style of your canine to address problematic behavior. 

60-90 minutes is to be expected.​


This includes a follow up email with action items, training plan, online resources, and local recommendations if necessary.  


Foster Consultation:

Whether you have a foster incoming, or need solutions to a current foster set up - this consult is designed to troubleshoot and triage your household to have the smoothest experience possible.

Fostering is a rewarding, amazing experience. But it can be stressful too! As a fellow foster home - and one with quirky dogs - I understand this on a deep level.

​So we'll dive into canine body language, decompression, daily schedules, and behavior needs. 60-90 minutes is to be expected, with a follow up email outlining successful strategies to implement. 

Senior Dog Special:

For dogs 7 years old and up.

Mediation Package:

We'll dive into your house layout and mobility roadblocks. I provide resources on keeping your canine happy as they age, from cognitive adjustments to physical ones - let's increase that quality of life!

As a senior dog adopter and carer, if I haven't tried it - I've heard of it. Let's chat orthopedics, supplements, behavior - and if you're bringing another pup on board - you'll need to advocate for your senior.


Oh, and your senior is reactive? I can help with that.  I have firsthand experience living with & training seniors that came with, ah, shall we say, some quirks. I'm happy to show you and your senior new tricks!


About 60-90 minutes is to be expected. I provide a list of resources to you via follow up email, and continued email support is offered post session for the life of your senior dog. And I want you to take advantage of that!

 Truly, old dogs are a passion of mine.  I'm part of that team effort to make those olden years golden years.



When one consult is not enough - we need some fine tuning.
This package must be used within a 60 day period, as consistency is key to behavior modification and progress.  4
 sessions total in person or over zoom are to be expected. Email support is offered.

Each session comes with a follow up email with action items and post session troubleshooting via email. My desire is for you to learn a skillset that will last well beyond our sessions.

Sessions are dependent on dog tolerance. A frustrated/scared dog is not in prime learning mode - at least, they're not learning what we'd like! 

In cases of extreme fearfulness, aggression, and reactivity, I may suggest thorough medical 
clearance for your canine.


A dog in chronic pain is not functioning at an optimum learning level -  day to day behavior and social interactions are impacted by these factors. Aggression and reactivity is exacerbated by pain, so once we address that we can move forward.

No one wants to train on a slippery slope - least of all your pup.

Family Dog Mediation Package Extension:

You know you'll need extensive support for you and your canine due to multiple factors.

With our package extension, you have a year to use 9 sessions - the most cost effective course over the long run.
 Note: This package must be used within 12 months.

 9 hours total of in person or zoom sessions are to be expected. Continued email support is offered with a guaranteed reply within 24 hours of contact. 


This package offers the most support over the longest period, and is considered on a case by case basis. 

Animal Companion Death Doula Consultation:

Note: Free of charge or donation based. I do not take any private funds for this service. Feel free to barter, pay by donation, or simply pay nothing at all. 

Is your beloved family nearing end of life, or do you want to proactively plan for this occurrence? A gentle transition is peaceful and possible. Let's begin together. 

  • Receive a directory of resources - from local at home euthanasia to grief counseling.

  • An empathic sounding board to sort through your options. 

  • Proactive planning to ease this burden during an emotionally fraught time. Thoughtful preparation is key to a serene transition.

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